Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wake Up!

To everyone, Happy Easter!

My 5 year old girl came in my room just after sunrise & snuggled up. She fell back to sleep, but soon, I was ready to get up. I whispered to her, "Do you know what today is?" (We've been going through what happened each day since Palm Sunday.)

She said, "Is it Easter Day?"

I told her it was, and that Mary went just before sunrise on Sunday morning to the tomb, where she found it open and Jesus was in the garden. Then she went to tell the disciples that he was alive. They were still asleep, and she woke them up with the exciting news.

Then I asked if she thought they celebrated. She answered, "Yes! They probably went on a pony ride! Can we go on a pony ride! That would be a great celebration! Maybe even two ponies! Can we get two ponies?"

I laughed and said we had little baskets of treats as our celebration. So she asked, "Well, after we get our basket, can we get some ponies?"

"Where would we put them? Our back yard is too small."

"Oh. Maybe we can find some very small ponies."


"Do you want to go wake up your brothers and sister?"

She jumped up with a smile and ran out of my room. I heard little feet & her shouting, "Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive! Wake up everybody! Jesus is alive!"


My computer has been wonky, limiting my posts lately. But my husband not only got it fixed, but also got me a laptop this week! So, expect to hear from me more frequently. I know you've missed me. 

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