Friday, June 1, 2012

And I wonder why I'm tired

8pm - I laid down with the 5 year old twins. (girlA & boyA)
          7 year old M laid down in her bed.

8:30 - gA decided to lay with M.
          I laid with bA so he'd be still & go to sleep. Plotted story points for my newest fanfic.

9:30 - Husband & teenager got home from Bible study. They may have woke me up.
          I moved gA to her bed.

10:30- Went to sleep in my bed.

2am - M woke up & got in my bed too. Took a while for me to get back to sleep.

4:30 - It's too hot. But it's too close to morning to move M without waking her. I caferfully left my bed, got in her bed, & went back to sleep.

6:00 - Heard husband in shower. I went back to my room, crawled in his side of the bed.

6:15 - M wakes up, goes to her room.

6:30 - bA wakes up, comes to my bed, snuggles up, and goes back to sleep.

7:00 - gA and the teenager get in a screaming match in the kitchen - the opposite side of my bedroom wall.

I'm up, dangit. I'm up. Give me coffee.

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