Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 2

Awesome things we saw today: alligator, manatee, pod of 12 dolphins, humongous double rainbow over the ocean, Astronaut Hall of Fame, space shuttle Inspiration, & War Birds Museum.
Awesome things we saw yesterday: 9 foot alligator, 10-foot-wide 40-year-old bald eagles' nest, space shuttle launch platform, rocket launch pad, 5-story-tall garage for shuttles, talk from an astronaut, humongous Saturn 5 rocket, the lunar lander, a full-size moon buggy made out of legos, Apollo command module, Apollo mission control, a Mars rover, & a 3D IMAX movie from the Hubble telescope. They played on mission control simulators, flight sims, and lunar lander sims, and we touched a moonrock.
Crappy things today: Mother-in-law & husband fighting, me telling husband that her attitude must be where he gets it from, 14 year old acting like a turd (I guess that goes without saying) but off meds and paranoid, kids running off at the beach, rain while on a beach walk in normal clothes, finding out that my husband & son didn't follow the packing list & brought half the clothes they need, husband locked the keys in the van (no biggie, but it made dinner late & the MIL freak out like the Russians were invading), and the MIL acting like my kids were terrible and I'm a bad mom because at 10pm they were out of control because they were just getting dinner and were awake for 23 of the last 26 hours.
But the Kennedy Space Center is pretty dang cool! And tomorrow, we get on a Disney Cruise Ship.

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