Monday, July 16, 2012

Road Trip

We just drove 9 hours to Orlando. Me. My husband. Our four kids. My mother in law. (Sigh.)

We drove through the night. I objected, saying that it was a bad idea. They didn't listen. They didn't get packed and ready to go until 8 pm. 'They' being the other two adults.

The idea was that the kids and the crazy old lady would sleep.


But no.

The three youngest got a grand total of 3 hours sleep. They were miserable.

The 14 year old got 30 minutes. I might punch him in the face if he's a jerk today, since he intentionally refused to sleep.

I did threaten to punch my mother in law, but she's deaf. Every time everyone started to fall asleep, she would start talking. About pollops. And dia-rear. (She can't pronounce diarrhea.) And vomit. Please, God, this would be a good time for the Rapture.

The adults may have each gotten 30 minutes. Yay.

We're supposed to tour the Kennedy Space Center today and the Astronaut Hall of Fame tomorrow.

But right now, I'm sitting in the fine dining establishment Denny's (yick) with four hyper, exhausted kids that just ran out the door with the grandma. Gotta go!

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